New Office


Paining the chimney.

Painting the sun porch door.


Changing out the power box leading to the HVAC, putting new moulding in Frank’s office and painting the garage door.

Pressure washing the sun porch as part of washing the whole house.

Painting the chimney.


Replacing boards and painting the sun porch.

The morning on Tuesday was spent correcting the problem introduced with a flag pole holder placed by the first owners a decade and a half ago. It led to rot in the LP siding, which led to our morning of working on replacing the boards and flashing over the garage door as we dealt with the unitended consequences of the flag holder.



Pulling out base boards to complete the transformation of Griffin’s former Egyptian Room into boring beige with white trim.

This is from Monday night with the furnishings moved to the side so that the beige invasion of our home could continue.


We resided the part of the house in front of Frank’s office. Once the paint was on, it looked like rain and we covered it with plastic, but there has been no rain since the paint went on. We also began repainting Griffin’s old bedroom/Frank’s current office.



More Makeover

Residing and repainting the house.